Parkour gloves: pros and cons

Many tracers do not like parkour gloves for certain reasons. Still parkour gloves may be useful for both new and experienced parkour practicers. I've gathered opinions on positive and negative attitude towards parkour gloves usage. Please, feel free to comment this post.

Cons of parkour gloves usage:
- Parkour should be about adapting to the environment. Wearing gloves and other special protective gear mean you are adapting what you wear for parkour rather than adapting your body.
- Extra gear is also viewed as holding you back to preforming at your peak, which is ideal in parkour.
- You can't feel the surface you are grabbing through gloves. 
- Gloves slip between your hand and the surface. 
- (Most) gloves have less grip than skin on most surfaces.
- Needing gear prevents spontaneous PKing. 
- Tough hands will protect and serve you all the time. 
- Tough hands are macho. :)

Pros of parkour gloves usage:
- Wearing gloves for your hands are just like wearing shoes for your feet
- Parkour gloves are the only way to practive parkour for people with permanent skin problems (such as eczema)
- Using parkour gloves is a good way to get back to parkour after an arm injury.

So, it's up to you to decide wear parkour gloves or not. 

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